Woken up in a dark old mansion captured by a mysterious spell. You must face the Demon by exploring the rooms and revoke the spell plaques until you catch the demon and defeat it.

Zaar society is consisting of six allies who expert in fighting demon powers. They have gathered from six different places to clean human territory from the existence of the demon. For this task, they proceed from mansion to mansion, battle with demon and kick him out. Each player is one of the allies of Zaar society and has to enter the dreaded abandoned mansion to find and fight the Demon.

Players: 2 – 6
Time: 45-90 min
Age: +14

Game Mechanics:

– Dice Rolling
– Modular Board
– Tile Placement
– Cooperative Play
– Player Elimination


Adventure, Horror, Dungeon Crawler


Zaar Origin

Zaar in the cultures MENA is the term for a demon or spirit assumed to possess individuals, to cause illness. The so-called Zaar ritual or Zaar cult is the practice of exorcising such spirits from the possessed individual.

Special Components

Raml: Raml is the Persian name for Geomancy Dice! The geomancy dice utilized for catching the demon and fight with it.

Astrolabe: The astrolabe shows how to fight the demon. This makes random in the game.

Game purpose

Enter a dreaded and abandoned mansion, rooms. Most rooms have spell plaques. These plaques are home to the demon. You have to revoke the spell plaques to limit the chances of demon to conjure. Also his name become evident little by little. When (1) all the spell plaques revoked and only one plaque is remained and (2) 3 letters of his name is revealed, the demon trapped in that plaque. You go to a direct battle and defeat the demon. Then you escape from the mansion before you trapped in. The winner is the ally who survived and has gathered the most coins.

Full Tutorial Video


Additional information

Weight 1800 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm


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