King Thief Minister


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King Thief Minister

Thief or King? Executioner or Sheriff? Peasant or Minister?

Who is right and who is bluffing?

Claim a character and challenge other players!

With focus, attention and intelligence, take the coins and Win the game!

Players: 3-6
Time: 10-25 min
Age: +12

Game Mechanics:

– Memory
– Role playing
– Take that
– Variable player powers

Categories: Card game, Memory, Political, Bluffing

Game Purpose

3 to 6 players act in the role of six characters that represent 6 groups of people in the whole human history: King, Thief, Minister, Executioner, Sheriff and Peasant.
Every player has 5 coins in the game, 3 in her hand and 2 in the treasury which is the area in the center of players. The game is to divide the treasury between the players and when the treasury is empty, the winner is the player who has more coins in her hands.


King: Says “Who is the minister?” and takes 3 coins from the treasury. Then another player can claim he is the Minister, say “Yes Sir” and take one coin.
Thief: Takes one coin from the player in his right and one from her left. If any of them is out of coin, takes from the treasury instead.
Minister: He can take any 2 cards and shuffle them under the table without seeing them and place them back.
Executioner: She attempts to kill one player by calling his character card. The victim should check his card. If executioner was right, takes all the victim’s coins.
Sheriff: Says “Pay Tax” and all players should pay one coin to the treasury. As sheriff doesn’t pay tax, chooses one player and says “You pay 2” and that player should pay 2 coins. If you are out of coins, you shouldn’t pay tax.
Peasant: He can show her card and say “I’m Peasant”. Then she should say the character of all players and take all the coins remaining in the treasure. If she gets wrong, she should pay 2 coins to the treasury and the game continues.

Full Tutorial Video

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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