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Chaos in Gendarmery!

A new case has put the gendarmery out of the order. The authorities want this case to be solved as soon as possible. Some suspects have been arrested, but we know the main criminal is not among them. You as the officers in the gendarmery will put together the different evidences and arrest the suspects so you can get the information you need to guide you toward the main criminal.

Players: 2-6
Time: 40 min
Age: +9

Game Mechanics:

– Set Collection
– Card Drafting
– Take That


Card Game, Thematic

Game Setup

Game Purpose

Our gendarmery has an archive, a desk, a wall, a door and an interrogation room!

You can see 8 suspects at a moment on the wall and each of them has some characteristics: Man or Woman; Nobleman, Civil Servant or Peasant; has Glasses, Scar or…! One of them is pointed to and we call him/her: “Wanted”!

You can take a desk card in your turn. There is one or two evidences on each desk card. By collecting enough evidences you can report a suspect and all the document is your score.

You can discard one of your hand’s cards and put it in archive, then draft a door card. You face the person behind the door and you can only use the chance they provide you at that moment.

If you can arrest the wanted suspect you can interrogate him and find out if (s)he is the main criminal or points at another suspect and you find the next wanted suspect.

When you find the main criminal or you lose the clue to find him, the game is over! The player who has won more cards is the winner!

How to play


Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm


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