Farbood Engareh (Reality Game) in Spiel’19

After 4 years of designing and publishing games in Iran, it’s time to present our board games internationally and the best starting point is Essen.

Reality Game founded in early days of 2016 by designing location based games in Tehran. But first board game designed by the team was literally the very first board game designed in Iran from scratch.

The idea of Zaar came from designing a horror Persian game and has his name from a ritual in south of Iran (around Persian Gulf) which is originally from north of Africa since 4 centuries before. Zaar in the cultures MENA is the term for a demon or spirit assumed to possess individuals, to cause illness. The so-called Zaar ritual or Zaar cult is the practice of exorcising such spirits from the possessed individual.

Zaar crowd funded in a crowd found website in Iran named Nikstarter and was highly appreciated by the gamers and critics in Iran. The game broke the record of 1.2 billion IRR (on that day 400k $) and has sold more than 2000 copies.

Our second board game is King Thief Minister (KTM for abbreviate) which its name comes from a traditional party game in Iran but mechanisms are designed in the team and the experience is totally different. We produced around 3000 copies of KTM in Iran in the first edition.

Alongside board games and location based, we developed other services and products for companies. And today we design customized games, gamified events and gamification plans for many companies and startups in Iran.

We are going to have a lot of fun in our booth and it is more interesting if you can join us! You can see and play Zaar and King Thief Minister with us at every time 24-27 October from 10 am to 7 pm. But you have a chance to win a special gift if you participate in a competition.

We will have a competition on both games at our booth every day from 24 to 27 of October. We play Zaar for 2 hours starting from 1:00 PM and KTM for 1 hour starting from 3:00 PM.

At the end of the competition there is a special prize for the winner! Zaar metal astrolabe and KTM cups with hand painted characters, both designed for limited edition of the games and produced in limited numbers.

So join us if you are ready for the challenge and submit the form in the end of the page!

You can also preorder our games by filling this form and you can pick up your game(s) at Spiel Messe! But you can only preorder 1 copy of each game here; and if you want more games, please send us message from Contact Us form in the website or social media.

It’s very important for us to know if you want a copy of our games, because we are informed that the logistic company of the exhibition is not allowed to handle any kind of shipments from Iran thanks to the US sanctions.

So if we know the approximate number of games needed to deliver to Essen, we can do everything possible to do that even in our suitcases!

And last but not least, if you are a board game lover, fluent in German and English, and you can help us in Reality Game booth for 4 days, send an email to info@realitygame.me

You can find us at Hall 5, booth 5E106 (named Persian Dice) with two other iranian publishers (Doreham Javaheri & Hoopa).

Submit this form if you want to:

• Come to our booth in Spiel’ 19

• Participate in a competition and win a Zaar metal astrolabe (designed for limited edition) or KTM cups with hand painted characters (designed for limted edition)

Preorder Zaar & KTM

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