King Thief Minister: Duel


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King Thief Minister: Duel

In the darkness of the night, there is conspiring going on. Corridors of the king’s castle are filled with shadows sneaking around. The peasant has secretly entered the castle to orchestrate the king’s murder plan. The king has become aware of the conspiracy and is searching the corridors for the schemers to terminate the plan. Shady and strange steps can be heard from anywhere and the lights go out one by one. When there is only one light left the daggers come out and the blood shed begins.

Players: 2 – 6
Time: less than 30 min
Age: +12

Game Mechanics:

– Memory
– Role playing
– Take that
– Variable player powers


Card game, Memory, Political, Bluffing

Special Components

Cups: There is 6 ceramic cups in the game representing 6 characters. The cups are hand-made and designed especially for KTM.

Game Purpose

For winning the game you have to find out the identity of the characters as much as possible and then memorize and follow them.

🎖   “King Thief Minister” Game won the first prize in the “Cognitive science and Game Design” Challenge in summer 2020 for its proven impact on boosting working memory.


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